you already have a personal brand

I often talk on the subject of ‘Personal Branding’.

More often than not, people come along to hear these talks because they are interested in developing a personal brand.

What they don’t realise is that they already have a personal brand, at least amongst the people that know them.It may not be the brand they want, but it is a brand nonetheless. it may not be as well know as they might want, but it is still a brand.

A brand is in essence a summary of the audiences expectations of an organization or individual. If the audience has expectations of you, then you have a brand, even if those expectations are undesirable.

Personal Branding is all about determining what those expectations should be and then communicating in a way that ensures they are understood by all the people you want them to be understood by.

For some people this may involve very little change and a substantial emphasis on communication. For others, it will involve substantial changes to the way they behave well before they ever consider communication. This is not much different to a business really.

So, how do you want people to see you. What expectations do you want them to have of you? To what extent do you manage this? Most importantly, how does your brand impact on the way others engage with you, your career and your life in general.

The answer to the last question is almost certainly – a great deal. Just about everything you do impacts on your brand and most aspects of your brand impact on the achievement of your objectives in life.

So, it is important to clearly define your brand and communicate it effectively. It is as important not to delude yourself by suggesting that you don’t have a brand.

That’s what I say, what say you??

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