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An award-winning public speaker, John is available to speak at conferences, seminars, training sessions and casual business functions.

Most speeches leverage my expertise in brand, marketing, communication and e-commerce and my experience as a brand consultant, marketing consultant, communication consultant and e-commerce consultant over 25 years. 

Favoured topics reflecting principles i hold dear, include:

  • Marketing, a subset of psychology, is the management of behaviour to achieve social and/or commercial objectives
  • Behaviour management requires an understanding of the audience and how to change behaviour
  • Brand, a subset of marketing, is the management of perceptions to enhance productivity, performance and profitability
  • Perception management requires an understanding of audience perceptions, attitudes and their drivers
  • Branding, a subset of brand, eliminates the gap between optimal and actual brand
  • Eliminating the gap between optimal and actual necessarily involve focusing on culture
  • Marketing and branding are more science than art – relying more on data that intuition and creative ideas
  • Marketing and branding should and can be measurable, accountable and adjustable
  • Communication does not occur without a reciprocal process
  • Communication is never the most important marketing tool

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