Think Again
Adam Grant

A brilliant insight it to achieving sustainable performance through the application of objective, lateral and critical thinking.

The Infinite Game
Simon Sinek
A fantastic insight into business as it should be. A clear demonstration of the power of the infinite game and an infinite mindset. An easy read that will leave you thinking.
The Excellence Dividend
Tom Peters
This brilliant followup to In Search of Excellence, looks at the drivers of success in business in 2019. It is insightful, original and pragmatic. A must read for all marketers
Killing Marketing
J Pulizzi and R Rose
Marketing as we know it is dying. The power of community is growing and reducing the cost of marketing. here is the future of marketing.
Connecting the Dots
John Chambers
By any measure this is a brilliant book describing how to develop and leverage a truly innovative business. well worth reading Most interesting are the things a small business can do to become big.
How Innovation Works
Matt Ridley.

This highly readable book addresses all aspects of innovation – with hundreds of examples of innovation over the centuries – what drove them and the obstacles they overcame..

On Strategy(vol.2)
HBR 10 Must Reads
The best summary of 21st century trends in strategic planning since Vol. 1 A must read – easy to read – handbook for strategic planners.
The Psychology of Stupidity
Jean – Francois Marmion
A great book – not so much about stupid people – as about people doing stupid things, the reasons and the remedie
Good Strategy – Bad Strategy
Richard Rumelt
Powerful insights into the differences between good and bad strategy – diagnosing issues, developing guidelines and defining action.
21 Lessons for the 21st Century
Yuval Noah Harari

The environment in which we live and do businesses will change more in the next 5 years than the last 20. This book outstanding book addresses this change.

Predictably Irrational

Dan Ariely

A brilliant book exploring the predictably irrational behaviour that drives consumer behaviour and its management.  


Stephen Martin & Joseph Marks

This is a facinating book addressing strategic messaging and communication more broadly. 

Stand Out Online

Natasha Courtney-Smith

This is an easy read addressing the practical development and communication of a personal brand online.


Emily and Laurence Alison

This is an easy read about the all important subject of building and leveraging rapport, at home, at work and in love.

The Power of Habit

Charles Duhigg

Habits play a central role in the behaviour of human beings, This is a great read about making and breaking habits.  

Stand Out Online

Natasha Courtney

This easy to read book outlines strategies for building a personal brand online – and it does it well. 


Emily and Laurence Alison

There are very few things in marketing or business in general that rapport. This book tells how to build and retain it. 


Richard Thaler and Cas Sunstein

This seminal work by a Nobel prize winning author, looks at using psychological triggers   improving decision making.


Daniel Goleman

An easy read, this work looks at the critical subject of emotional intelligence and how to leverage it to achieve your potential.  


Daniel H Pink

Few things are more important in marketing than understanding what motivates behaviour. a great book. 2 million copies sold. 

What makes us Tick

Hugh Mackay

If you want to market cost-effectively, it is essential that you know what makes we human beings tick. This easy-to -ead book paints a insightful picture of the human condition and consumer behaviour.

How to write better copy.

Steve Harrison

If you write anything – you really should read this book. It will only take you 3 or 4 hours and they will be hours well spent. It is succinct, practical and insightful. Follow the link and buy it now. You will be pleased you did. 

Change – How to make big things happen

Damon Centola

Insights into how to cause an audience to behave as you want them to should receive our undivided attention.  Everyone in marketing, and business more generally, should read this book.