question everything


As a person, I am passionate about encouraging a world inspired by a moral heart and delivered by objective, critical and lateral thinking. As a marketer, I am passionate about inspiring the ethical practise of marketing that maximises performance by delivering real value to consumers.

Thirty years working with consumer behaviour and strategic planning have taught me that addressing these passions requires that I focus on:

  • Data – enabling more reliable and profitable decisions than intuition.
  • Intellect – the objective, critical, and lateral interrogation of data.
  • Management – managing consumer behaviour to achieve objectives.
  • Excellence – consistently delivering a competitive advantage.
  • Ethics – developing and living values that exceed stakeholder expectations.

Over the years I have been variously called a brand strategist, culture consultant, marketing strategist, marketing advisor, communication strategist, e-commerce consultant or business strategist. The truth is, I am just a very smart person who work with very smart people to manage consumer behaviour in a way that delivers social and commercial objectives – reducing costs, maximising revenue, increasing margins, and building sustainable value. 

My academic background is in psychology, education, and business. I sit on several boards, both commercial and not for profit.

Without exception – I say it as I see it.


My most common objectives include:

  • Sustainably lower costs.
  • Sustainably higher returns. 

My primary expertise include:

  • Research – including customer insights and behavioural economics.
  • Brand – including defining, creating and communication a brand.
  • Marketing – addressing -product, experience, pricing and distribution.
  • Communication – addressing both traditional and digital channels. 

Related areas in which I commonly work include:

  • Innovation and value creation.
  • Ethical marketing and shared value.
  • Empathy-based marketing.
  • Reducing the reliance on advertising.

Related areas in while I am commonly asked to provide advice include:

  • E-commerce and omni-channel retailing.
  • Customer journey mapping and exploitation.
  • Product development – leveraging co-creation.
  • Maximising the lifetime value of customers.

With few exceptions – I am up for a pot of tea and a chat so we can establish if I can add value.