As an advisor, I work with clients to gather and leverage consumer insights and develop strategies to maximise return on investment.

As a strategist, I work with clients to develop strategies that have broad support and will be fully implemented.

As a director, I bring to the table lateral thinking, strategic insights, a long view and an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour.

Prioritising understanding the client and the market, identifying the problems and the opportunities, and engaging management, staff, and consultants, I address:

  • Strategy – identifying the pathway to maximising ROI. 
  • Brand – defining, creating, and communicating a brand.
  • Culture – building the team will bring the brand to life.
  • Marketing – product, pricing, communication, and distribution.
  • Communication – traditional, non-traditional, and digital. 
  • Business development – systematic B2B business generation.

Thirty years working with clients across Australia has taught me that facilitating strategies that can and will be fully implemented requires prioritising:

  • Data – enabling more reliable and profitable decisions than intuition.
  • Intellect – the objective, critical, and lateral interrogation of data.
  • Innovation – generating fresh ideas that will drive performance.
  • Perspective – integrating immediate needs and long-term opportunities. 
  • Ethics – developing and living values that exceed stakeholder expectations.
  • Engagement – ensuring that management, staff, and consultants are onboard. 
  • Delivery – on time, to budget and to specification.

My academic background is in psychology, education, and business. I sit on several boards, including commercial and not-for-profit. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge– leveraging my skills as a writer and speaker. 

To facilitate budgeting and ensure value, I prefer to be engaged on a fixed fee basis. 

Without exception, I say it as I see it, and most importantly, I am always up for a pot of tea and a chat.