Return on investment in marketing is maximised when the customer is at the centre of the strategic planning process. Many businesses claim to be customer-centric, but few are – resulting in higher marketing costs and a lower average customer lifetime value.

A customer-centric business understands the needs, wants, and expectations of its target market – why members do what they do – and how best to cause members of the market to behave in a way that maximises performance. 

I work with clients to understand customer needs, wants and expectations; and develop strategies that leverage the power of consumer behaviour to maximise return on investment while at the same time embracing the ethics of customer-centric business. 

I research, develop, and advise on implementing strategies to identify and leverage opportunities, and eliminate complex problems – always drawing on my in depth knowledge of consumer behaviour.

As an advisor, company director, advisory board member and mentor, I work with organisations of all shapes and sizes to drive the consumer and business behaviour that maximises performance with strategies that minimise costs. 

Eliminating marketing waste is a passion. Over 30 years, I have learned that too many organisations spend too much on initiatives that are not cost-efficient. 

My primary expertise includes:

  • Research – including customer insights and behavioural economics.
  • Brand – including defining, creating and communicating a brand.
  • Culture – bringing the brand to life.
  • Marketing – addressing -product, experience, pricing, and distribution.
  • Communication – addressing both traditional and digital channels. 
  • Business development – systematic B2B business generation.

I am passionate about identifying and implementing ethical strategies – driven by objective, critical and lateral thinking. ESG can and should be more than an acronym used in annual reports. 

Thirty years working with consumer behaviour and strategic planning have taught me that addressing these passions is best served by focusing on:

  • Data – enabling more reliable and profitable decisions than intuition.
  • Intellect – the objective, critical, and lateral interrogation of data.
  • Management – managing consumer behaviour to achieve objectives.
  • Innovation – generating fresh ideas that will drive performance.
  • Excellence – consistently delivering a competitive advantage.
  • Ethics – developing and living values that exceed stakeholder expectations.
  • Delivery – on time, to budget and to specification.

My academic background is in psychology, education, and business. I sit on several boards, both commercial and not for profit.

I am passionate about sharing what knowledge I have – leveraging my expertise in writing and public speaking. I blog extensively, have a book in progress and speak at events around Australia. 

Two other things to note are:

  • Without exception – I say it as I see it.
  • I am always up for a pot of tea and a chat.