question everything


Inspired by a fascination with human behaviour, I pontificate about consumer behaviour and the management of that behaviour to deliver social and commercial objectives. This takes the form of speeches, books, blogs, newsletters, podcasts and provision of advisory services.

Concerned that commerce in Australia and around the world does not offer a level playing field I am passionate about providing my audiences with access to high quality actionable information, strategic insights and the skills to win – ethically – but win, nonetheless!

Over the last 25 years I have worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes, government and non-government, private and public, for profit and not for profit, all around Australia

I sit on a number of boards.

Despite my academic background in psychology, education, and business, I am highly suspicious of traditional marketing, branding and communication – preferring a more evidence-based pragmatic approach focusing on outputs not inputs.

I also blog on contemporary philosophy, morality and ethics – also passionate interests, despite or perhaps as a result of my atheism. 

I only work with clients I believe in and/or feel good about. That way, I am motivated to give every project my all. 


My primary expertise is in:

  • consumer behaviour
  • branding
  • marketing
  • communication

I have spent my professional life researching the behaviour of human beings and specifically how to ensure consumers behave as clients need.

I work with clients I believe in to develop branding strategies, and to direct the implementation of those strategies.

In collaboration with clients, I undertake market research, complete marketing audits and develop marketing strategies.

I also work with clients to develop communication strategies designed to address personal, corporate, and product messaging – addressing both digital and traditional media.

I am frequently engaged for strategic writing and content creation, and for speaking engagements, leveraging my expertise in branding, marketing and communication.

Most importantly, I work with clients to help them win – ethically – but win, nonetheless