a goal without a plan is just a wish

Working with all levels of government, public companies, private companies and not for profit enterprises, I provide a comprehensive business advisory addressing brand, marketing and communication.

Working with organisations and individuals in all states of Australia, I assist with market and marketing research, strategic planning and marketing management. 

My clients have included property giants like Cedar Woods, building giants like Summit Homes, Government agencies like the Department of Planning and the Department of Transport, Ministers for transport and planning, local governments including Subiaco and Cockburn, to name just a few.

My clients have also included, boutique builders like Humphrey Homes, small financial consultancies like Black Swan Events, arts bodies like the opera and ballet, community service organisations like NRMWA, and not for profits like Red Cross. I have also advised politicians and businesspeople personally.

There are few sectors in which I have not provided business advisory or marketing advisory services.

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I have always taken the view that start-ups, smaller businesses, medium sized businesses and even large business can learn a great deal from truly great businesses and the people that lead them. In my writing and speeches, I often discuss the strategies developed and implemented by the likes of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google, among others.

When I discuss these FAANG businesses and others like them, a member, or two, of the audience suggests something along the lines of – ‘that is well and good for Apple, but we are just a small business’! The implication is that Apple has a much greater budget and as a result can afford things the smaller business cannot. There is no doubt that this is right, but it is not correct to say that FAANG businesses adopt a highly strategic, well researched and professional approach to brand, marketing and communication because they are big. Rather, they are big because they have always adopted a highly strategic, well researched and professional approach to brand, marketing and communication.

If any organisation is to realise its potential a highly strategic, well researched and professional approach to brand, marketing and communication is essential from day 1 – ‘the day the garage door opens’. It is a critical responsibility of a brand advisory, marketing advisory, communication advisory, e-commerce advisory and a business planning advisory, to make clients aware of best practise in these disciplines and how that best practise might be best applied in the client organisation.

Whether providing casual advice, ongoing advice advisors, mentoring, coaching or training, strategists and other advisors must have an in-depth understanding of best practise and the expertise to identify the best practise most relevant to each client and how that best practise might be fully customised and leveraged.

Equally it is important for client organisations to reject the myth that best practise cannot be applied in their small business or medium sized businesses. The scale will most certainly be different, but adopting best practise given the circumstances of the business is possible.
The starting point regarding best practise marketing is having a product that the target audience wants to buy. Indeed, Scott Galloway a Professor of marketing at NYU suggested that the one thing the FAANG businesses and other great businesses have in common is a GREAT PRODUCT

Great businesses like these – are great – at least in part – because they have a product that people want to buy – and if the audience does not want what they are selling – they develop one the audience does want to buy.

Despite this research recently found that for 42% of start-ups – there is little or no demand for the product they are trying to sell – and this is a key reason for their failure.

Getting the product and the associated customer experience right from day one is essential. Every great business is customer focused. Every great business also offers a product and customer experience that ensures their success

I have written a lot on this subject, much of which can be found on this site.


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