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Most strategies fail because they are not fully implemented. I work with clients to implement strategies I have developed, and strategies developed inhouse of by other branding consultants, marketing consultants, e-commerce consultants or e-marketing consultants.

I work with clients to review brand strategy, marketing strategy or communication strategy, develop affordable budgets, document a detailed action plan and key performance indicators. I also advise on strategy monitoring and fine tuning.

Where it is found to be important to the full implementation of a brand, marketing, communication or e-commerce strategy, I also provide training, mentoring and coaching services. These are all part of a comprehensive marketing consultancy service focused on maximising ROI.

My capacity to consult is enhanced by my track record working as a leading brand strategist, marketing strategist, communication strategist, e-commerce strategist. But expertise, no matter how good are of no value unless the strategy developed is fully implemented, monitored and fine-tuned as indicated.

Issues addressed include:

  • Marketing audits
  • Enquiry rate reviews
  • Conversion rate systems 
  • Average sale and margin reviews
  • Repeat business systems
  • Referral systems 

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The optimal brand strategy, marketing strategy, communication strategy, e-commerce strategy or business plan, is one based on sound research, a profound understanding of consumer behaviour and the capacity to apply this in traditional, digital and omni-channel environments.

The optimal strategy is based on data relevant to the audience, especially if it is customer centric, and will take into account the economic environment, the competitive environment, perhaps the geographic environment and a range of other data – including the strengths and weaknesses of the business, together with the opportunities and threats confronting the business.

More-over the optimal brand strategy, marketing strategy, communication strategy, e-commerce strategy or business plan, is one that can and will be implemented.

The optimal strategy must also address all of the factors that will determine whether the strategy is implemented and the means by which the impact of the strategy will be monitored =, such that the strategy can be fine-tuned as and when indicated.

Factors to be considered in ensuring a strategy will be implemented include:

  • Funds available
  • Engagement
  • Expertise
  • Discipline

There is no point in developing a strategy for which there is not adequate funding. The strategy must be customised to the budget – both in terms of the objectives and the implementation. If additional funding is required, the strategy needs to address the acquisition of that funding.

A strategy will not be fully implemented if it is not understood and supported by the board and senior management. It is therefore essential to involve the board and management in the planning process and present the strategy in way that further engages all senior team members

A strategy will not be implemented if the organisation does not have the required expertise, I see this all the time with social media and other aspects of e-marketing. Businesses understand the importance of e-marketing but lack the expertise to do it well. The strategy needs to address expertise and provide for the training, mentoring or external resources needed.

No strategy was every fully implemented without an action plan, critical time path, a single point of responsibility and the discipline to implement the strategy in line with the action plan and CTP. Deadlines must be met, and personnel must be held accountable.

No strategy can be 100% right from day one. Even if the strategy is first class, markets change, competitors change, environments change, and laws change. This highlights the importance of not just implementing the strategy with discipline but also applying that discipline to monitoring performance against KPIs and fine tuning the strategy as and when indicated.

Very helpful in monitoring the impact of strategy, the capacity of the business to implement a strategy and deliver outcomes and identifying areas of marketing management and the marketing department requiring work, is the marketing audit. I recommend an annual marketing audit.

Marketing management, or the implementation of brand, marketing, communication, e-commerce and business strategy is both an art and a science. It is critically important to ensuring that full value is extracted from the work involved in researching and documenting the strategy.

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