retain the staff who bring your brand to life

200% more likely to look around if not recognised

Great brands are built by the ‘right’ people (as suggested in previous blogs in this series), who are fully engaged with the business and its brand. More often than not, great brands are created by long term employees – the ‘right’ staff who are engaged with the brand to the extent that they choose to stay with the business for the long term.

The benefits of long-term staff are numerous and include:
  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Lower training costs
  • Retention of intellectual property
Long-term staff are also better placed to understand, embrace and live the brand – providing the customer service and customer experience promised by the brand. Retaining the best staff requires:
  • Employing the right person in the first place
  • Providing a clear and engaging vison and leadership
  • Maximising the level of engagement with the brand
  • Maintaining attractive remuneration packages
  • Monitoring staff and providing feedback and training
Critical to retaining the right staff is a brand that reflects the values, personality, and capabilities of the staff member concerned – making the working environment one they feel proud of, rewarding and a pleasure to work in. Ideally, staff members need to feel pride in their employment, and nothing will inform this pride more than the organisation’s brand – ‘what people say about it when the owners of the brand are not in the room’. Vision, values, personality and positioning are as important to staff as they are to purchasers.

Research suggests a ‘perpetual cycle’ here – with the staff bringing the brand to life by living it and -bringing the brand to life helping to attract, extract full value from, and retain the right people.

RECOMMENDATIONS – Once you have the right staff and they are fully engaged, put in place strategies that will ensure that staff who live the brand, stay with you as long as possible.
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