engage staff to bring your brand to life

71% of executives believe employee engagement is critical to success

If you are to bring your brand to life, you first need to recognise that it is your staff who will do this job. The last blog in this series addressed employing the ‘right’ staff – staff who can bring your brand to life. This blog addresses the importance of engaging the ‘right’ staff, retaining them, and getting the best out of them. Research suggests that 71% of executives believe employee engagement is critical to research and has a role in:
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving morale
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Delivering better customer service
Engaged staff also bring the brand to life – understanding and embracing the behaviours that are consistent with the brand, and never exhibiting behaviours that are not consistent with the brand. Only engaged staff will create your brand by bringing your brand definition to life. Engaging staff can be facilitated by:
  • Ensuring they understand the vision and the expectations it creates
  • Ensuring they understand the core values and the expectations they create
  • Ensuring they understand the brand personality and the expectations they create
  • Providing the education and training required to ensure staff have the requisite skills
  • Provide the incentives required to ensure consistent behaviour of all staff
To live your brand, staff must first:
  • Understand the brand and its implications for their behaviour
  • Have the skills to consistently exhibit optimal behaviour
  • Be incentivised and provided with feedback
If staff are not engaged with the brand, they will not live the brand, and if they don’t live the brand, it will not exist.

RECOMMENDATION – Employ staff who can live the brand and the put in place a strategy that engages staff and begins the process of extracting full value from them – to bring the brand to life
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