embrace a powerful continuum with one objective

9 objectives reduced to one

It has been suggested that a brand has nine broad objectives:
  • Identity
  • Recognition
  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Advocates
  • Equity
  • Share
  • Margins
  • Loyalty
I would argue that the first 5 of these objectives simply serve the achievement of the last four. As such, it might be argued that a brand has just four ultimate objectives:
  • Build equity in the brand and, therefore, the business
  • Facilitate an increase in market share and, therefore, sales
  • Boost margins by increasing the perceived value of a product
  • Create a loyalty that drives the lifetime value of each customer
The ‘brand-culture continuum’ is a model for demonstrating the inextricable link between brand and culture. It has but one objective:
  • To create the culture that will bring the optimum brand to life in a way that will build equity, facilitate market share, boost margins, and create the loyalty that is required to maximise the lifetime value of every customer.
This objective is achieved by embracing the brand definition as showing the way and the culture as ensuring the journey is completed successfully – with this one objective being achieved. This objective cannot be achieved without recognising that it is culture, and not advertising that brings a brand to life and ensures that all of the objectives listed above are achieved.

RECOMMENDATION – address fully the critical objective of using culture to bring your brand to life and maximise market share and the lifetime value of each customer and prospect.
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