embrace a powerful continuum with one strategy

8 strategies reduced to one

It has been suggested that bringing a brand to life involves eight strategies:
  • Realise the importance of brand
  • Take inventory
  • Funnel and simplify
  • Brand identity
  • Implement internally
  • Implement externally
  • Measure
  • Protect and maintain
I would argue that there are, in the simplest terms, two critical stages in creating a brand:
  • Defining it
  • Living it
Ideally, defining the brand involves working co-operatively or even collectively with the primary target market to define a brand that will maximise all of the objectives discussed in the last blog in this series. Living the brand involves creating a culture that can bring the brand to life.
Defining the brand involves:
  • Defining the audience
  • Understanding the audience to be targeted
  • Defining the brand according to the expectations of that audience
Living the brand involves creating a culture by:
  • Employing the ‘right’ people
  • Engaging and incentivising staff
  • Monitoring and providing feedback to staff
This is all part of one strategy – the branding strategy. The branding strategy involves defining the brand and then bringing it to life.

RECOMMENDATION – Understand and embrace the ‘brand-culture’ continuum, recognising that the brand defines the culture and the culture brings the brand to life.
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