Establish a shared vision, values and interests 

$12 billion invested in communities

Recent research suggests that in 2019 some USD12 billion will be invested in online communities worldwide. Further, some 33% of businesses with communities report that they have doubled in size in the last 12 months

All of the more successful communities have three things in common:
  • A shared vision
  • Shared values
  • Shared interests
Consumers are attracted to a community that has a vision they can relate to and engage with. A community is most attractive to consumers when it aspires to bring likeminded people together. The vision of changing the world brings Apple community members together.

Consumers are attracted to communities and brands they believe share their values and outlook on life. Members of Collingwood Football Club which now constitutes much more than an AFL club, provide a great example. The working-class values of Collingwood attract and inspire members.

Members of a community need a reason to be together. They need a common interest in a brand, sport, community activity or similar. As the name suggests, the Future Trends group or community on LinkedIn has a common interest in future business directions, particularly in terms of technology. This interest has attracted 537,000 members and provides an excellent platform to communicate.

The biggest mistake any community, brand, or business can make is to identify its vision and values in isolation. If customers are to be engaged, the vision must reflect their aspirations.

RECOMMENDATIONS – Define your primary target market and the potential members of your community and then work with them to determine the vision, values and interests that will deliver engagement and loyalty.
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