Increase the frequency of communication

72% of communities used to gather data

Recent research found that 72% of businesses with an online community, use that community and the structures in it to gather feedback that they can use to fine-tune their product, brand, and marketing. Some 54% of businesses with a brand community established it to collect data.

Data or feedback from the primary target market is a key benefit of an online community. It facilitates enhanced strategy and greater cost efficiency. Collecting feedback or data efficiently requires:
  • A communication platform
  • A safe environment
  • Frequent conversation
Social media channels such as Facebook provide a platform for communication and gathering feedback informally, while bespoke platforms such as CURATOR have built-in facilities for messaging and gathering quantitative data through polls, surveys, and quizzes.

Perhaps the greatest problem with the mainstream social media channels is the perception that they do not offer a safe environment. Bespoke platforms such as CURATOR lend themselves to and enable curation of content and commentary to ensure that users feel safe.

Perhaps the most significant problem with Twitter, other than its image problem following Donald Trump, is the fact that it is of little value if it is not used continuously, at least hourly or more often. Communities of all kinds work best when there is regular communication between the leader and followers, and between followers. Communication and incentives for engagement are essential.

The biggest problem with social media, and communities, is not trolls, abuse, or even fake news. For business, the biggest issue is most often the absence of essential communication.

RECOMMENDATIONS – Select the right platform, ideally a customised or bespoke one such as CURATOR to develop your community online, and then communicate messages and listen as regularly as possible.
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