Secure a leader and followers. Identify outsiders

19% more spend by community members

A recent survey found that members of an online community or brand community spent 19% more than customers from outside the community. This reflects the findings of another study in which 70% of members felt a brand community significantly improved brand exposure.

Three of the requirements for a brand community are:
  • A leader
  • Followers
  • Outsiders
Manchester United is the archetypal general community comprising some 660 million members and generating some $776 billion US in revenue. Manchester United has:
  • A leader in the brand
  • Followers in the form of members
  • Outsiders in the form of supporters of other clubs
The brand, represented by the management and coach, sets the vision and values providing direction and the environment in which members can engage.

Followers, the primary target market, are those people with sufficient interest in the vision and values to join and engage with the brand and other members.

The outsiders, possibly considered the ‘enemy’ or those that members rally against, are vital because they galvanise the community members.

A community is a tribe, and every tribe has a leader. Of course, there would be little point in having a leader without followers, and followers tend to unite against outsiders.

RECOMMENDATIONS – Establish a community, general or brand, where your brand can be the leader, and that leader behaves in a way that attracts and holds members by distinguishing them from outsiders.
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