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3 times per week minimum for Facebook

Research suggests that if you are using Facebook, you need to post at least three times per week. In most cases, it is ideal to post new content. However, there is also benefit in:
  • Reposting existing content
  • Posting curated content
It would be absurd to suggest that every time you post on social media – all of the recipients engage with your post. They do not – as the data clearly shows. There is, therefore, merit in repeat posting content if you lack the time or ideas to continually develop new content.
My experience suggests that it is wasteful not to use each post at least twice. Research suggests that the number of times a post can be used varies by platform. The data suggests that:
  • On Twitter, posts can be repeated six or more times
  • On Facebook, posts should be repeated once a month
  • On Google+ posts can be repeated after a week and again after a month
Clearly, the ideal frequency of repetition will also depend on the quality of the content – but the point is that you should not be afraid of repeating a post.

Posting curated content is also an option, where that content supports your original posts and facilitates communication of your overall messaging. Indeed, if the content is entirely compatible with your original content – curated content can represent third party verification.
My experience suggests that curated posts can be effective in supporting original content. It is important, however, not to rely too heavily on curated content. A balance is required.

Word of mouth is less structured, and messages can be communicated continually over an extended period. Bear in mind, however, that traditional word of mouth takes time to spread and pay dividends.

RECOMMENDATION – Don’t be afraid of repeating posts on social media or about using curated content to reinforce the points made in original content.
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