embrace consistency

50% drop in engagement from multiple posts

Research suggests that posting more than once a day on Facebook reduces engagement by 50%. It is ideal not to post too frequently, but it is also important to post consistently over an extended period. Ensuring your messaging goes viral is a long-term project. For most people and organisations, it takes time for messages to start going viral, and going viral once is not enough. Consistency is important – as is having a schedule that drives consistency.

Your schedule also needs to take account of the fact that it is also important not to post too often. Research suggests that the ideal frequency of posting varies by platform, as follows:
  • Linked IN is most effective at 3 to 10 times per week
  • Google+ is most effective at 3 to 10 times per week
  • Facebook should occur 3 to 7 times per week
  • Twitter should occur 5 to 20 times per day
Donald Trump is almost certainly a better authority on Twitter than me. Suffice to say here that the statistics for Twitter highlight the varying time requirements for the various platforms.

Ensuring your messaging is spread far and wide requires building a social media following. In my experience, building a following will take most individuals, businesses, and brands at least 12 months. Sometimes it takes longer. Further, the time it takes to build a following will depend on the consistency of posting and following. Consistent posting – at least daily – depending on the platform, over 12 months will be the minimum requirement for most individuals and organisations.

To ensure consistent posting on social media:
  • Determine the optimal frequency of posting
  • Develop a schedule of relevant topics
  • Identify the formats posting will use
  • Schedule the posts over the required period
Few things limit the long-term impact of social media or the potential for going viral than a lack of consistency.

RECOMMENDATION – Develop a list of topics and a programme of posting that ensures consistency of exposure and messaging over at least 12 months.
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