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5 cows – but only one worth talking about

In his book Purple Cow, Seth Godin highlighted the importance of being ‘remarkable’. If you were driving along the road and saw a brown cow, who would you tell?  Probably no-one. If you drove a little further and saw a black cow, who would you tell? Probably no one. If you drove still further and saw a black and white cow, who would you tell? Probably no-one. It you drove still further and saw a purple cow, who would you tell? … Everyone!

We talk about things that are remarkable. Good or bad, we share experiences that are remarkable. Happy or sad, we tell our friends about the remarkable. A brown cow is not remarkable, so why would you tell anyone that you had seen one? A purple cow is quite remarkable – and you would probably tell anyone who would listen. Let us consider the more practical example of a restaurant. Would you tell anyone about a mediocre or unremarkable restaurant? Would you tell your friends about a food court you just visited? Almost certainly not. No one talks about mediocre restaurants or food courts.

The messages that go viral are those that are remarkable. Indeed, the root of the word remarkable is – to be worthy of a remark. This is the case both online and offline. Factors that make a story remarkable include:
  • Embedding a hook – possibly incorporated in the headline
  • Being insightful – offering an insight that has not been offered before
  • Setting up a strong climax – one that brings the story together
  • Using humour – particularly humour that surprises
  • Demonstrating humanity – in a way the audience relates to
Whatever you do – be remarkable! Leave the audience with a thought, an idea, a feeling or an insight they will want to share with others.

RECOMMENDATION – Be remarkable. Ensure that your messaging both online and offline is such that people will want to share it with as many people as possible.
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