put quality ahead of quantity

Just 42% say their content is effective

Research suggests that in the B2B environment, just 42% of marketers believe their content marketing is effective. In the B2C environment, around 43% of marketers believe their strategy is effective. It seems reasonable to suggest that this is a less than acceptable result.

Perhaps the most significant failing is a result of the propensity to place quantity ahead of quality. This is a mistake I am afraid I have made in 2020. It is a mistake I plan to rectify in 2021. The desire to post each day can override the need to develop the highest possible quality content. And yet, to the audience, quality will almost always trump quantity. Of course, even with the intention of publishing quality content, we are faced with the question of what represents quality? What does quality look like?

Successful practitioners suggest that quality content is:
  • Relevant – to the needs and interest of the audience
  • Meaningful – adding value
  • Insightful – looking beyond the obvious
  • Dynamic – responsive to a changing world
  • Actionable – able to be applied
I have tried to satisfy the above criteria in each post. Sadly, I have not always been as successful as I would have hoped. That will change in 2021 – and if you want your messages to go viral, it is essential that you put quality ahead of quantity. In 2021, I will assess each and every post by the following metric: is it relevant, meaningful, insightful, dynamic, and actionable?

It should be noted that not only will poor quality content not be shared – but, over time, it will have the effect of teaching the audience that your content is not a priority.

RECOMMENDATION – ensure that all of your content is relevant, meaningful, insightful, dynamic and actionable. Put quality ahead of quantity.
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