70% want to shop anytime, anyhow

make it as easy as possible

This is the second of five thoughts dealing with the reasons why some e-commerce sites are more successful than others. Research suggests that consumers shop online because of range, convenience, capacity to compare prices, and the price itself (yes, price is not in the top three attractions), among other less significant issues. But why one online shop and not another?

Australian research has found that 70% of online shoppers want to be able to shop at any time and on any device. Indeed, this is viewed as one of the main advantages of shopping online, playing directly into the convenience requirement.

In terms of the platforms used, research in Australia found as follows:

  • Laptops – 71%

These numbers demonstrate that to be optimally effective an online shop must work equally well on all devices. Such sites need to be fully responsive.

This point is further emphasised by the following findings:

  • 11% of consumers have abandoned a cart because of complexity
  • 32% abandon a site because the site as a whole is not easy to use
  • 26% abandon a site because data takes too long to process

These findings point directly to two issues:

  • Ease of use
  • Trust

Consumers will avoid sites that are not easy to use. Convenience is a critical reason for shopping online. Further, the fact that developers of a site think it is easy to use, is no guarantee that it is. Only the consumer can determine whether a site is easy to use or not.

A site that is hard to use or takes too long to process data will not be trusted. Trust requires a first-class design, ease of use, and rapid processing. This issue is addressed in more detail in tomorrow’s thought.

For now, remember, no one is going to put in any more effort than they have to, to shop. They simply do not need to and will seek out the easiest option.

In 2018, make it as easy as possible

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