65% want same day delivery

if you are going to do it – do it well

This is the first of five thoughts dealing with the reasons why some e-commerce sites are more successful than others. Research suggests that consumers shop online because of range, convenience, capacity to compare prices, and the price itself (yes, price is not in the top three attractions), among other less significant issues. But why one online shop and not another?

Australian research completed in 2017, suggests that:

  • 65% of purchasers want same day delivery
  • 48% of purchasers want same or next day delivery
  • 33% of online shoppers abandon a cart due to delivery times

This and other studies from around the world have found that there is no bigger cause of cart abandonment than delivery time. This is closely followed by delivery costs.

Depending on the survey, convenience ranks as the most or second most important reason for shopping online, and every day the delivery is delayed, the less convenient the experience.

One of the strengths of Amazon has been its capacity to reduce delivery times and exploit the growing demand for same day delivery. Guaranteeing same day delivery in cities will become the standard within two or three years.

There is Australian research suggesting that online shoppers are buying from overseas sites because of lower delivery times and/or guaranteed delivery times.

Research in the United States found that 71% of online shoppers have abandoned a cart due to delivery costs. Research in the United States also found that consumers see no utility in the delivery function and, as such, would rather pay more for the product to achieve a lower delivery cost.

To realise their potential, online shops need to offer rapid and certain delivery at the lowest possible cost.

In 2018, if you are going to do it – do it well

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