90% experience a lack of trust

ensure you are trusted

This is the third of five thoughts dealing with the reasons why some e-commerce sites are more successful than others. Research suggests that consumers shop online because of range, convenience, capacity to compare prices, and the price itself (yes, price is not in the top three attractions), among other less significant issues. But why one online shop and not another?

Australian research has found that:

  • 90% of online shoppers cite trust as their number one concern when shopping online
  • 97% of baby boomers cite trust as their number one concern when shopping online
  • 86% of Gen Y cite trust as their number one concern when shopping online

The fact is, regardless of age, trust is a critically important factor. Online shoppers, no matter how dedicated to shopping online, will avoid a site that does not immediately engender trust.


  • 39% of online shoppers surveyed abandoned a site because they were worried about entering their credit card details
  • 43% of online shoppers surveyed abandoned their cart because the payment options or costs did not inspire trust

Another study found that 77% of shoppers feel less than safe when shopping online.

So, what inspires trust in an online shop? Research suggests the following:

  • Security certification and badging
  • Payment gateway recognition and badging
  • A well-structured design with clear images
  • The owner taking personal responsibility
  • Mitigation of consumer risk through vendor payment delays
  • Detailed and specific contact information
  • A strong and accessible privacy policy
  • All links and functionality working perfectly
  • Good social media reviews and testimonials
  • Money back guarantees
  • Capacity to speak directly to the owner or supplier

Every effort must be made to engender trust, if sales are to be maximised.

In 2018, ensure you are trusted

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