How often have you heard promotion or a sales pitch from a business promising superior service, unparalleled quality or personal attention?

Many times I am sure.

How many times have you heard promotion or a sales pitch from a business promising superior finishes, unparalleled professionalism or exceptional value?

Many times I am sure

We have all heard these times of promises time and again, day after day and in all media for all manner of product and service. The important question is of course – how often have you heard these promises and actually believed them?
No often I will bet.

Research suggests that few people believe such promises – no matter who makes them.
The fact is such promises are of little value. That is not to say that the issues are not important, just that promising delivery on them is of little if any value. Indeed, it can even be counter productive.  Despite this many businesses continue to make such promises.

Such promises are of little value for two reasons:

  • They have no meaning
  • They have no credibility

No two people define good service good quality or good finish the same. No two people assign the same meaning to the word professionalism. No two people have exactly the same definition value. I have research the issue of FINISH in furniture and buildings and have rarely found two people with the same definition of the term.

These are all subjective terms and they are all ill-defined terms and as such in promotion and sales pitches, they are essentially meaningless. I have researched PROFESSIONALISM and have found it very difficult to find two people who measure it in the same way.

In addition, anyone can say that they offer superior quality, service, professionalism, finish and or value. Anyone can make these promises and few deliver.

Perhaps more importantly while any business can make these promises, the truly great businesses don’t promise them. Certainly great businesses do not articulate their capacity to deliver on these issues. Great businesses like Apple for example, promote such issues – they simply demonstrate them and enable them to be established in our minds through osmosis.

The communication undertaken by Apple implies professionalism, service, personal attention, and quality without ever mentioning them. The behaviour of Apple demonstrates finish and value without ever mentioning them in promotion.

Great corporations define professionalism, service, quality, finish and value through their behaviour rather than making glib promises.

Great corporations establish credibility through demonstration rather than trying to communicate it through words. Further, the importance of behaviour and demonstration is every bit as important for individuals as it is for businesses. As individuals we are better served demonstrating our professionalism, service orientation, personal attention and focus on quality than we are to talk about them.

Demonstration helps to define the offering and establish all important credibility.
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John Carlson is a behavioural scientist, strategic planner and lateral thinker focusing on branding, marketing, communication, personal advancement, business development and behaviour management.

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