what are your customers buying in 2015?


I guess everyone wants to know what consumers are buying in 2015.

That being the case, thank God I am here to tell you

First and foremost they are buying PEOPLE or more specifically relationships. Before consumers buy products more and more of them are buying the individuals involved in delivering those products and services

Relationships and service are more important than ever. Avoiding mediocrity is more important than ever.

We would all prefer to deal with people we like and trust. No matter how good a product or service might be we are unlikely to buy it from someone we don’t like or trust. We always feel better about a restaurant when we like the owner; we always feel better about a liquor store where the staff recognise us and give us good advice. We all go back to the greengrocer who invites us to pay later when we forget our wallet.

We are also avoiding, or at least forgetting people who deliver mediocre service. When are you intending to return to the restaurant where the waiter delivered mediocre service? Do you even remember it? When do you next intend visiting the supermarket where the staff simply didn’t give a stuff? When are you next going to recommend a Hungry Jacks franchise to anyone, because you were impressed by the service

After consumers have connected with the people, then they consider the business. The business is their second consideration, along with its reputation and the expectations it has created in the market place.

After they are happy with the business, consumers will then think about the product.

The points here are twofold:

  1. The product or service is today, and will generally be in 2015, the third consideration
  2. People, personal branding and personal referral are becoming increasingly important

In 2015, everything will start with the people. Consumers will be buying the people first and everything last.

What is the first thing you read when you go to a website – ABOUT US. So do other consumers, and with good reason

The lessons are therefore:

  1. Have good people
  2. Have a great ABOUT US section on your website

This issue will be discussed in detail on THE D. JOHN CARLSON NETWORK – https://www.djohncarlsonesq.com/publishing/

  1. John Carlson is a behavioural scientist, strategic planner and lateral thinker focusing on branding, marketing, communication, personal advancement, business development and behaviour management. https://www.djohncarlsonesq.com/
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