86% using content marketing

devote resources to content marketing – once you have a strategy

This is the third of five thoughts addressing tends in marketing that all marketers need to understand, and many will need to embrace sooner rather than later.

Research suggests that 86% of B2C businesses use content marketing with:

  • 37% being committed
  • 42% being very committed

Research also suggests that some 53% of B2B businesses use blogging to drive sales with:

  • 38% committed to content marketing
  • 36% very committed to content marketing

Interestingly, another study found that 55% of B2B marketers report being unclear on what success in content marketing looks like. B2C marketers had a better understanding of the effectiveness of their content strategy, but improvement is still required.

Yet another study found that content marketing strategies are rare:

  • Undocumented strategy – 38%
  • Documented strategy – 37%

So what issues should the strategy address to maximise returns on investment in this growth area of marketing?

  • Know exactly who is being targeted and what response is being sought
  • Produce content that consistently addresses your market and desired response
  • Develop and document a strategy to drive the audience through a funnel
  • Continually review reads, comments, and other data, and adjust content accordingly
  • Put quality well ahead of quantity and ensure that each item adds value
  • Embrace the changing media landscape, including the dominance of video
  • Develop content with themes and build on those themes
  • Use content to educate rather than sell
  • Stay relevant, contemporary, and even trendy in terms of issues and approach

Content marketing, including native advertising, is growing, and with very good reason. It can work very well to drive a business and enhance a brand, but it is important to develop and implement a strategy that ensures that resources are well allocated and the return on investment is maximised.

The returns can be significant but the resources required to deliver success are also significant.

In 2018, devote resources to content marketing – after you have a strategy

Every year – put the facts ahead of intuition and guesswork.

Sources of core statistics – McKinsey Analytics, Hubspot, Statistica, Forbes, Venture Harbour, Debumi, IFP and Ironpaper Insights.

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