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Each election in the United States, where voting is not compulsory, between 30% and 60% of people just don’t vote – and no amount of letter will get them to the ballot box.

In recent elections this effect has been reversed in some areas – with the percentage turn out actually increasing where people have been approached personally and given a reason to vote – before being asked to give a commitment to vote.

When many non-voters are asked why they did not vote – they say it is because their vote does not count or will not change anything. They feel insignificant and consider their vote in a similar light. Further the increases in recent years are reportedly due to the personal contact making them feel that their vote is important – and that they are significant.

We all feel much the same in our day to day lives. We all have a deep need to feel significant. That is not to say we need to feel important or special – but it is to say that we want to feel like our custom matters and that the money we are spending (which was hard earned) matters.

We also want to know that our needs are valid – and indeed as valid as the needs of anyone else.


  • How do you feel when a restauranteur remembers your name? How do you feel when they don’t?
  • How do you feel when a shop assistant approaches you with a smile, greets you warmly and then thanks you for your business? How do you feel when they don’t?
  • How do you feel when a car dealer follows you up a month after your purchase and asks how your are enjoying your new car? How do you feel when you never hear from the dealer again after the purchase?

As consumers we all want people assisting us by:

  • Greeting us with a welcoming smile and enthusiasm.
  • Listening closely to our questions and what we need.
  • Giving us the time and effort to ensure those needs are met.

Research has repeatedly shown that:

  • All human beings want to feel that they count for something, that they are important and that they matter in some way.
  • Most consumers are attracted to businesses and business people that make them feel important – and potentially more important than they are.
  • Most consumers will opt for an option of equal price where that option makes them feel more important than the alternative.

Are you any different? I suspect not!

Ask yourself – how do you feel when:

  • You receive a letter from a business you buy from often – addressed – Dear Customer?
  • You ask a favour of a business you buy from often – only to be told it is – ‘against policy’.
  • The fees of a service provider are increased without consultation or notice.

On the other hand – how do you feel when you are:

  • Sent a hand written birthday card or a birthday call.
  • Told that you are a valuable client and thanked for you custom.
  • Asked for your opinion on changes that are intended for this business.


  1. Every consumer wants to feel significant. It is a basic human need.
  2. Making consumers feel important will boost brand loyalty.
  3. Making consumers feel significant can be a strategic competitive advantage.
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