reducing marketing costs – tip 14

In Australia around 8% of retailing is online. In Britain it is 13%. In mainland Europe it averages 16%. In Australia online retailing will rise above 20% in 5 years. 62% of Australians have made a significant purchase on line.

The three biggest drivers of online shopping in Australia, are in order of importance:
– Range
– Convenience
– Price

Price is not only third it is a long way behind convenience. What is more if prices are the same as the bricks and mortar retailer – that is generally enough.

Given the low standard of bricks and mortar retailer in Australia, it is no wonder. Despite all of this, only 50% of businesses in Australia have any involvement in any form of e-commerce, and in the vast majority of cases this does not involve online retailing Australian consumers are among the fastest new technology adopters in Australia. Australian business is amongst the slowest adopters of new technologies.

What better way to reduce marketing costs than to establish an e-commerce capability driven by online marketing?

Simple, but all too often ignored.


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