Learning is one of the joys of life. I have learned a great deal in 2014. Not all of it was new. Some of it was just further confirmation of what I thought I knew before. But it is all of value

Here are 10 of the hundreds of things that were confirmed for me in 2014

  1. Social media is important, but it is not the be all and end all

There is still a big place for traditional media, and that will remain so for years to come


  1. Social Media is good for building your contact base but it is not an effective way for developing productive relationships

Developing personal relationships requires serotonin and this in turn requires personal contact


  1. There are no silver bullets in marketing or indeed any other field of endeavour.

Silver bullets are solutions peddled by one trick, mentally feeble consultants. Real solutions are more complex


  1. The FRAME is almost always as important and the content of the message and the winner is most often the first one to frame the message

As John Howard once said, context is everything


  1. Boards in Australia are populated by luddites frightened of innovation and of embracing change outside of their comfort zone

To build a business like Apple, Google or Microsoft you need a board that embraces innovation


  1. Innovation is all about attitude and not processes.

You can have the best processes and procedures in the world, but if you do not embrace the power of failure, you will never embrace innovation


  1. The potential of online retailing in Australia is far from realised because the focus is still on price

Online retailing will never realise its potential until range and convenience are given priority


  1. Marketing belongs at the beginning of the process (product) not at the end of the process (promotion)

Great marketing involves identifying products for markets, not finding markets for products

  1. Lead generation services, whilst everywhere, are a waste of money

Its lack of effectiveness is illustrated by the way in which lead generators market their services


  1. Culture is more important than brand

It is one thing to define a brand and it is quite another to create a brand. Creating a brand involves living the brand and that involves creating an optimal culture, something advertising agencies know nothing about


I learned many more lessons in 2014, but this seems like a good start. I may address more in my next article

What have you learned in 2014?

This issue will be discussed in detail on THE D. JOHN CARLSON NETWORK – https://www.djohncarlsonesq.com/publishing/

D. John Carlson is a behavioural scientist, strategic planner and lateral thinker focusing on branding, marketing, communication, personal advancement, business development and behaviour management. https://www.djohncarlsonesq.com/

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