going to the moon and mars

‘We are as clever as you are’ – the Indian Prime Minister to the American President in 2013
‘Our collective penises are as big as yours’ – the Chinese Premier to the American President in 2013
‘We kicked your arse’ – the American President to the Russian President in 1969.
The race into space is about a whole range of issues, including scientific discovery. Indeed, I am told that there are a large number of inventions and innovations, available today, because of the space race.
But, I suspect, as I know many suspect that much of the space race and in particular the recent mission to Mars by the Indians and the proposed mission to the moon by the Chinese is much more about ego, national pride and demonstration technical competence or leadership.
That in itself may not be an altogether bad thing except for the fact that Indian has a majority of its population in poverty and China still has a long way to go before it eliminated poverty. Indeed, even the united State has unacceptable levels of poverty and the morality of spending trillions of dollars feeding a nations ego and sense of national pride is surely less important that education and the other support structures that would help the population rise out of poverty.
The poor don’t need to see man on the moon or rovers on mars. They need food, education, and hope – all of which cost a lot more than any of these countries are spending right now.
I suspect we have our priorities all wrong. I am very confident that the Indian government has its priorities wrong going to Mars, and despite claims about intending to mine the moon, I suspect China has its priorities wrong.
On the subject of mining – what right does China, or India, the USA or Russia have to mine the moon – a resource that belong to all humanity and a space body upon which all humanity depends. But this is, I guess, another debate.
For now, is it ethical or morally sound for China, Indian and the USA, along with Russia and Korea, to spend trillions of dollars going to the moon, space stations and Mars, whilst they cannot afford to help all of their people out of poverty.

That’s what I say, what say you?

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