91% report a positive connection

connect emotionally first and foremost
US research found that most people who have a connection to a brand, have a positive connection. Few people bear a grudge toward a brand. In fact, 91% of people who reported an emotional response to a brand reported a positive response.
Further, customers who reported a positive emotional connection to a brand were worth 50% more, in terms of revenue, than those who did not have a connection. This highlights the importance of brand loyalty, and the emotional component of that loyalty.
This research further found that:
• Men were more likely to have a positive emotional connection than women – 68% to 64%
• 65 – 75 year old people were more likely to have a positive emotional connection than 18 –24 year old people – 80% to 60%
It seems that older people are more brand loyal. Indeed, the older people get, the more brand loyal they seem to become.
This research also looked at the types of emotion consumers most commonly felt in relation to a brand. These included:
• Interest – 72%
• Trust – 57%
• Optimism – 41%
• Admiration – 41%
• Acceptance – 38%
These findings suggest that there is something very tribal about brand loyalty, a point that author Seth Godin has been making for years. People will emotionally connect with a brand they feel is interested in them, is trustworthy, optimistic, admirable, and will accept them as they are.
Connect emotionally first and foremost

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