81% want 24/7 response times

get your service offering right

This is the final of five thoughts dealing with the reasons why some e-commerce sites are more successful than others. Research suggests that consumers shop online because of range, convenience, capacity to compare prices, and the price itself (yes, price is not in the top three attractions), among other less significant issues. But why one online shop and not another?

It might be surprising to some that research has found that 81% of online shoppers believe online retail sites should offer 24/7 response times. Consumers want information when they want it and they want to be able to lodge complaints when they want to. Once again, this speaks to convenience.

Convenience is a primary reason for shopping online and 24/7 response to information requests and complaints feeds into convenience. Also feeding into convenience is access to information in general. Studies suggest that:

  • 59% of online shoppers want direct and responsive email communication capabilities
  • 53% are concerned about the lack of information about products being sold

Another study found that 85% of online shoppers wanted to see improvements in terms of the quality of service provided by online retailers. Critical issues include:

  • General information and response times
  • Delivery costs and times
  • Product information and vendor communication
  • High quality and helpful responses to queries

The fact is, consumers are expecting higher and higher standards of service when shopping online.

Other factors effecting shopping choices include:

  • Recognised brands
  • Multiple images of products
  • Product reviews
  • Easy to complete forms
  • Absence of hidden charges
  • Shopping without joining

On this last point, one study found that 22% of shoppers abandon a cart because they have to open an account to shop.

In 2018, get your service offering right

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