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The debate about the existence of god is alive a well. Even the death of Christopher Hitchens has not slowed down the passion some have for advocating belief and others have for advocating non-belief.

I am in neither camp. I am at heart a scientist. I believe in something when I see the evidence and until then I believe in nothing. I have seen no evidence for or against the existence of god despite having read the bible and much of what Christopher Hitchens wrote.

But here in lies the point of this article.

Human beings look beyond the evidence and most human beings need to believe in something. Indeed, most human beings do believe in something.

Belief helps to give humans;

  • Meaning
  • Certainty
  • Belonging

It is for these reasons that we all want to believe that:

  • There is a reason for things
  • A particular leader will deliver results
  • A particular approach will deliver success

It is also for these reasons that people want to believe:

  • That a particular brand will deliver consistently
  • A particular business will deliver consistently
  • A particular solution will deliver outcomes consistently

The need to believe has fundamental implications for effective marketing. Just ask Apple product purchasers.

I would argue that my view that there is no evidence of a God highlights another important fact. Despite what some Christians might suggest, no one chooses what they believe. Beliefs arise directly or indirectly and always involuntarily from:

  • Life experiences
  • Life learning
  • Emotional connections

Further to this, marketers talk a lot about cognition and emotion – but belief is a third dimension that is different but no less important.

I would argue that:

  • Beliefs impact on significantly purchase behaviour
  • We all want something to believe in
  • Delivering and creating a belief will deliver loyalty

What do you think?

What do you believe that impacts on your purchase behaviour?

More importantly, what do your customers and potential customers believe in?

This issue will be discussed in more detail on THE D. JOHN CARLSON NETWORK – www.djohncarlsonnetwork.com

D. John Carlson is a behavioural scientist, strategic planner and lateral thinker focusing on branding, marketing and communication. Visit his blog – www.djohncarlsonesq.com

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