what do you want and why do you want it?


I am on the board of FOODBANK in Western Australia. Foodbank in Western Australia feeds breakfast to 17,000 school children each and every week – and an additional 5.6 million meals a year across the state.

This is an amazing story. Even more amazing is the number of people Foodbank is unable to help – the people who go hungry because there is not enough foods. To address this short fall, Foodbank needs the help of business and the community.

Before that help can be forthcoming however, business and the community need to understand:

  • How they can help?
  • Why they need to help?

The first of these issues is relatively straight forward. Foodbank needs more people to be aware that they are seeking – food, money and donated time.

The second of these issues is not so straight forward. My research has suggested that many and possibly most people in Western Australia do not know that people go hungry in this state. They are not aware of the extent of the problem – or even that hunger is a problem in this state.

Before people will help they need to know how – and that there is a serious problem to help with. They need to understand that they can contribute and that their contribution is needed and will make a difference.

Before people develop a new behaviour or habit they need to know what the desired behaviour is and have a clear rationale for that behaviour. They also need to know that the behaviour is relevant to them.

Before buying a new brand people need to understand what is different about the new brand and why that feature, or those features are relevant to them.

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