Developing a 21st century branding strategy – a practical workshop for Members only

The optimum branding strategy achieves outcomes including:

  • Facilitating enquiry and maximising repeat business and referrals.
  • Maximising the perception of value, margins and the average sale per customer.
  • Attracting, retaining and getting the best out of the best staff.
  • Helping secure the support of the community and other stakeholders.

An effective branding strategy is central to the success of every business, regardless of sector, market or product range.

The optimum branding strategy also reduces the cost of marketing.

This practical webinar/workshop will take participants step by step through the development of the optimum branding strategy.

This webinar is FREE and only available to Members of the D. John Carlson Strategic Advisory Network.

All participants will receive a FREE workbook and strategy template that they can use to develop their optimum branding strategy.

A link to the Webinar/workshop will be sent to members a month ahead of the event.

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