Personal branding for aspiring company directors – Part 1

Few things are more important in business or to your success in general than your personal brand

And – as this webinar will demonstrate – like it or not – we all have a personal brand.

The personal brand of a company director or aspiring company director or manager is no exception.

The directorships you attract, and hold will – at least in part – depend on your personal brand.

Your personal brand or reputation – will most certainly influence whether or not you are invited to join a board or management team in the first place.

Establishing the optimal personal brand involves three critical steps:

  • Defining the optimal brand
  • Bringing that brand to life
  • Communicating that brand

The first of two webinars on branding this session addresses the essential elements of developing a unique personal brand and specifically:

  • Defining your optimal brand

Key topics will include:

  • The elements of a personal brand
  • Determining what is optimal
  • Crafting a brand, you can live and communicate

Participants will receive a WORKBOOK that will guide you through the process of developing, living and communication the optimal personal brand.

The webinar will take you through the WORKBOOK so that it becomes a powerful and customized business resource.

The programme will be:

  • Webinar – 4.00 – 5.00 pm
  • Discussion Forum – 5.00 – 5.30

Participating directors will be invited to raise any and all questions and issues they might have.

The webinar will be hosted by D. John Carlson, an experienced company director and highly regarded speaker author on the subject of personal branding.

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