Build your brand cost effectively with social media

It might be distressing, but it is the case that 60% of the Y generation cite social media as their main source of news. That said, it is a myth that social media is a young-persons medium. 66% of people 50 – 64 and 47% of people over 65 (the two fastest growing demographic segments) use social media daily. Estimates suggest the average Australia spends 8 hours a week on social media.

So, there is not an organisation on the planet that can afford not to be actively involved in social media – and active involvement means daily involvement. And to those organisations who avoid it through fear of unsavoury comments – be aware they the audience is saying it anyway – just on other feeds and platforms.

Making it all harder is the plethora of guru’s offering advice and the changing media options available.

With all this activity it is getting harder and harder to cut through and use social media effectively. This webinar addresses these issues. Unfortunately, an increasing number or organisations are investing more and more in social media – and getting nothing but ‘likes’ and ‘connection’ – which are of dubious commercial value.

The outcomes of this webinar will include a review of:

  • The changing landscape of social media platforms with recommendations
  • The strategies for getting the most out of social media with recommendations
  • The strategies for dealing with trolls and social media attacks


Thursday, August 20, 2020

Western Time: 11.00 am – 12.00 pm


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