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3 reasons why TELSTRA is not more profitable

I had the misfortune of having to buy a new phone at a Telstra shop in the city of Perth yesterday. I have never purchased a phone before with all my previous phones being purchased by my staff.

I now have a greater appreciation of all that I was putting staff through and apologise without reservation. I was a horrible experience that I would not with on anyone. I had never been made to understand as clearly that a supplier’s time is more important than mine.

It took an hour to organising a two year contract worth less than $3000. As I indicated to the sales person, it would have been easier to buy a new car.

First I had to determine whether I was out of my current contract. This involved staff member 1:

  • Firing up the computer which was not functioning at 2.00 in the afternoon.
  • Fumbling through the programmes to find what he wanted.
  • Having to guess what the situation was regarding my account.

Then I was referred to staff member 2 who was apparently responsible for selling me the new phone. He:

  • Fumbled though 3 or 4 programmes and at least 25 pages on screen
  • Entered my details at least 4 times and logging in himself at least 5 times
  • Making a phone call and consulting two other staff in the shop

In addition:

  • This was the second store I visited as I needed an authority from my private company of which I am the only shareholder and director and did not have it when I visited the first store.
  • I was given little in the way of an explanation as to how to transfer the data from my existing phone to the new one and will have to go back to a store today to facilitate this.
  • In the first store the staff tried to blind me with science when discussing the options. Frankly the science meant nothing to me and I really could not have cared less. No empathy at all.

There was nothing about the experience in any of the stores that I visited that would make me ever want to go back and after all of that all I have to show for it is a bloody phone. It took far too long and was a great waste of time. I was left with no confidence in staff that fumbled through programmes and could not provide the information I wanted.

I was also left with:

  • A determination never to buy Telstra shares.
  • A determination never to go into a Telstra store again.
  • A determination never to recommend Telstra to anyone.

Indeed the only reason I stuck with it was the superior coverage I perceive Telstra to have. As soon as that perception changes and my two year contract is over – Telstra will just be a painful memory.

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