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27% embrace interactive email

This is the sixteenth of 20 daily ‘thoughts’ examining the trends in marketing in 2018 and beyond.A recent survey of marketing managers found that 27.2% are now executing interactive email campaigns. Interactive emails take various forms. Here are some examples:
  • Creating an email with an APP-like experience – an approach very useful on mobile devices
  • Enabling recipients to manage their shopping carts and initiate transactions from within an email
  • Incorporating real-time content such as real-time news in emails
  • Incorporating games and puzzles into emails to add value to the experience and drive up personal engagement
  • Incorporating video or animated GIFs into emails, which has the effect of generating a 26% higher click-through rate

Interactive emails incorporate dynamic content into email, which makes them more engaging. They offer a more interesting experience and are more likely to drive transactions.

Research suggests that 17% of marketing managers now use video in interactive emails.

On a related subject, recent research found that some 21.6% of marketing managers are now budgeting to use big data to facilitate personalisation of email campaigns. Personalisation enables an enhanced level of interactivity – customising the dynamic content to address the interests or characteristics of the recipient.

To maximise the impact of personalised interactive emails it can be helpful to incorporate dynamic content to:

  • Surprise or delight recipients
  • Spark curiosity
  • Leverage the principles of operant conditioning
  • Deliver what the recipient enjoys
  • Avoid obvious ‘sales triggers’
It is vitally important to use personalisation to customise interactive emails.
It is also important to monitor the results of campaigns and modify future campaigns with that data in mind.The declining impact of traditional email is abundantly clear in the face when compared with campaigns using dynamic content – often without significant cost.INSIGHT

Consider the use of interactive email campaigns that engage recipients, add value, and increase the likelihood of a sale.

Embrace the trend towards dynamic content. Gather and utilise the data required to personalise campaigns and increase your use of video.

Interactive email and interactive communication supported by personalisation will grow in popularity in the months and years ahead – and with good reason.


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