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As a brand strategist, marketing strategist and communication strategist, I have come to appreciate the importance of customised training and the preference of many executives to complete that training in private I provide personalised training for business company directors, business owners and senior managers. To complete any project or undertaking as well as it needs to be completed the highest level of expertise is needed.

Developing the expertise of executives should in my view be a priority for every brand consultant, marketing consultant, communication consultant, digital marketing consultant or business consultant – even if one of the outcomes is less work for the consultant. Better results are achieved with better expertise.

I find that executive training is most effective when it is highly interactive with sessions are tailored to the specific requirements of the executive. No two programmes are the same because, no two executives are the same.

All programmes are practical with a view to ensuring participants develop the skills they need. Theory is addressed to provide the rationale that supports the practice.

  • Subject areas include:
  • Personal branding
  • Personal communication
  • Social media for executives
  • Blogging for executives
  • Marketing for directors

Course can also be developed on preferred topics at no additional cost.

Personal mentoring is also available, with or without training.

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