tell relatable stories

135% greater organic reach
than photo posts

Research has found that video on Facebook has a 135% greater reach than photographs. This, in part, reflects the fact that video is the fastest-growing medium on social media and the internet. This also highlights the importance of storytelling – which, for many, is more easily accomplished in a video than in words. Storytelling is also a rapidly growing trend in marketing.

Other research findings relevant to storytelling include:
  • 80% of people want brands to tell a story
  • 64% of people think brands are good at telling stories
  • 66% of people like stories about regular people
These statistics point to the importance of storytelling and the importance of the stories being relevant to the individuals consuming them. There are many reasons why storytelling needs to be a priority for facilitating social media sharing and word of mouth. These include:
  • Stories are more engaging and memorable than facts
  • Stories are more effective in establishing an emotional connection
  • Stories have been found to facilitate learning more than facts
Tips for effective storytelling include:
  • Focus on the interests and concerns the audience
  • Write to the audience and use relatable language
  • Make the content intriguing and memorable
  • Use the medium best suited to telling the story
  • Demonstrate personality the audience relates to
  • Reflect human values – especially those of the audience
  • Incorporate a hero and a journey where possible
Human beings like stories. Our lives and our community are built on them. There have always been and will remain a powerful mode of communication.

RECOMMENDATION – Remember that humans love stories. Use stories to convey a message in a way that makes it easy and likely to be spread far and wide.
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