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While clubs like Rotary and Lions are clearly in decline this reflects neither a lack of social consciousness nor a lack of the need to belong. The facts are – social consciousness among generations X and Y have been found to be higher than for baby boomers and belonging through social media channels is almost universal.

My focus here is the need to belong and the opportunities this offers business.

The need to belong is a basic human need that has been identified time and again by social researchers and behavioural economists as a key driver of human and therefore consumer behaviour.

The potential of tribes – groups of people who identify with each other and feel they belong together – for marketing has also been the subject of much research and a number of books and articles.

The growth of Permission Marketing has in part been driven by the growing focus on tribes and the potential of those tribes for business. I would argue that the identification, development and leveraging of tribes will increase in importance and potential in the years ahead. Permission Marketing will grow alongside it.

What do the following have in common?

  • Collingwood Football Club
  • The Liberal Party
  • The Catholic Church

They are all tribes. They all:

  • Identify with a common leader
  • Have a common beliefs
  • Identify each other

The same can be said for:

  • Apple buyers
  • Ferrari buyers
  • Gucci buyers

Indeed, I would argue that most of the truly great brands of the world have a tribe. This is no more so that for Apple. Apple product purchasers tend to strongly identify with the brand.

We often talk about the importance of identifying and understanding your market. I would argue that we will increasingly talk about identifying and engaging with your tribe – that group of ;like-minded people that you lead and identify with.

The benefits of tribes over markets are numerous:

  • They seek leadership.
  • They will be loyal.
  • They are open to communication.

So who is or should be your tribe?

How are you going to establish and build your tribe?

The strategies that might be employed in building a tribe will be the subject of a later article.


  1. Markets are important but tribes have more potential.
  2. Loyalty will be higher if you build and engage with a tribe.
  3. Tribes will grow in importance with Permission marketing.

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