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80% of HR leaders say employer branding has a significant impact on their ability to attract talent

For most employees, income is a major consideration. That said, the vast majority are looking for more than that. Research suggests that 80% of potential employees are influenced by the brand of the business they are considering working for. At the same time, employers are looking for staff who will engage with the organisation and its brand. Research shows that such engagement can deliver a 21% increase in profit.

In his book ‘Good to Great’ Jim Collins highlights the importance of employing only the ‘right’ staff – not the best available – but the ‘right’ staff – those ideally suited for the job in question. Further to this, Collins suggests that if a business cannot find the ‘right’ person – they should not employ anyone at all. He highlights the high cost of employing less than optimal staff. The ‘right’ people will be attracted to the brand and will make an ongoing contribution to bringing that brand to life.

It is people, and not promotion that brings a brand to life. This is evident to just about anyone walking into a Myer store and experiencing the lack of service or customer experience compared with those walking into an Apple store and experiencing the high standard of service and market appropriate customer experience. It is not possible to create the ‘optimal’ brand without the ‘right’ staff and attracting the ‘right staff’ requires an ‘optimal’ brand. Brands attract staff and staff create brands.

Consultants and textbooks often talk about ‘employer branding’ and the importance of the employee brand in attracting the ‘right’ staff. While it is important to have a brand that attracts the ‘right’ people communicates that brand to the ‘right’ people (the employee target market), no organisation should have one brand for customers and another for potential employees. Great businesses have one brand, defined with all audiences (including potential employees) in mind. Great businesses also recognise that great brands are created by the ‘right’ staff who, in turn, are attracted by the optimum brand.

RECOMMENDATION: When defining your brand, give due consideration to all audiences, including potential employees.  Then employ the ‘right’ staff to bring your brand to life.
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