scott morrison is an evil opportunist

Scott-Morrison-2Scott Morrison, the opposition spokesperson for immigration, is an evil opportunist. The sad thing is, he is in good company on both sides of the political fence.

Morrison, his leader and many members of the Liberal party, as well as an increasing number of members of the Labor party, continue to demonise refugees, despite the fact that less than 15,000 a year enter this country.

This is compared to South Africa, who currently have three million Zimbabwean refugees in its country, and Italy, which has as many as 60,000 refugees entering its southern regions every year.

They use spurious arguments such as the risk of people drowning at sea; which as bad as it is, is not the motivation for their legislation and the actions they are taking. Their motivation is to appease frightened communities that they should be educating.

Many of these arguments are designed to score political points

For those of you who are Christian, I wonder what Jesus Christ would do if he was standing on the coast of Broome when these refugees were coming down in their boats. Would he send them away? – Well our Christian leader of the Opposition would!

We keep hearing about “Turning the boats around”, but if we had thought about it for more than 30 seconds, we would realise it is simply not possible.

What do we do? Blow them out of the water? And even if we tow them with a rope or chain or whatever back into Indonesian waters, they will only turn around and come back again a few days later. So what do we do? Keep towing them back?

I recently read a book by the Dalai Lama where he said that the basis of most morality, if not all morality, is “compassion”. On that basis, Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and members of both political parties in Canberra are immoral. They have no compassion. Certainly, Scott Morrison sees political points as being a lot more important than human lives and the dignity of humanity.

That’s what I say what say you?