re-engage with core human needs

6 basic human needs

It has been said that the 21st-century consumer has six core needs – certainty, variety, significance, connection, contribution, and growth. For many, the period in isolation has reduced their capacity to address these needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an environment of uncertainty. Consumers have become increasingly anxious about their economic circumstances, health, mental state, and just about everything else. Give customers something that helps them experience certainty.

Being in lockdown hardly encourages variety – particularly in terms of entertainment, social experiences, food types, seeing new things. Offer your customers real variety and easy access to it.

People are dying, statistics are flashed on the screen day after day, and stories of turmoil abound. It is difficult to imagine how anyone might seem themselves as significant right now. Make every customer feel important and special.

It has been very difficult for people to connect with each other, and there is growing evidence that people are feeling distressed by the lack of human connection. Help people to connect, get together, and enjoy human contact.

Making a contribution has been easier for some than others. Some people have contributed a great deal of late, while others have had limited capacity to contribute to their community. Provide avenues for people to offer their time or money and contribute.

The capacity to read has not been impaired over recent weeks. However, many other avenues for personal growth have been distinctly curtailed. Facilitate personal growth wherever possible.

Helping people find certainty, experience variety, feel more important, connect with others, grow, and contribute present real opportunities for businesses wanting to emerge out of the current conditions more prosperous than they were before. While people have learned and gained a great deal from a range of online technologies, they will now want to move out into the real world. Smart business will focus on helping them do this and capitalise on every relaxation in restrictions imposed by governments.

RECOMMENDATION – Deliver the certainty, variety, significance, connection, growth, and capacity to contribute that most human beings crave, and most have missed in recent weeks.

OPPORTUNITY – Organise social events that bring people together. Invite them by name, welcome them at the door, offer them something unique, teach them something, and contribute to a cause

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