3 lessons for developers and the rest of us

Far be it from me to question the decisions of some very successful businesses, but I do find myself bemused by two reports in today’s media

The first detailed the large number of apartment developments moving ahead in Perth and the large number of units in some of these developments – 214 in the headline development

The second report detailed in increase in rental vacancies in Perth to 4.2% or 6500, well above the average of 3%. This report also commented on the falling rents in Western Australia due to increased vacancies

While I appreciate that my analysis might be simplistic and while I know that the developers concerned have impressive track records, I also found that this situation conflicted with principles articulated in a book I am reading about Steve Jobs

The principles I am referring to are as follows:

  • Be an outsider
  • Follow your own road
  • Never be still

There were others, but these three struck me as being very relevant here

Developers in Australia seem to enjoy being insiders, they like to play it safe and in so doing all too often fail to capitalise on opportunities

Developers in Australia are reluctant to lead even when they call themselves leaders. Indeed, few of them appear to know enough about their markets to allow them to lead

Developers in Australia move slowly and often more slowly than the market they are serving

Clearly, while these criticisms are directed at developers:

  • They are not relevant to every developer
  • They are also very relevant to other industries and sectors
  • I appreciate that many of these developers have made a lot more money than me

That said, I would argue that the picture painted in today’s media is far from optimal and it never hurts to consider what we can learn from the likes of Steve Jobs

By the way, the book – HOW TO THINK LIKE STEVE JOBS – is an interesting and easy read.

What say you?

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  1. John Carlson is a behavioural scientist, strategic planner and lateral thinker focusing on branding, marketing, communication, personal advancement, business development and behaviour management.
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