Leverage the power of electronic direct mail

333 billion emails each day

Research suggests that by 2022 there will be some 333 billion emails sent each day. The number sent already exceeds 280 billion. This possibly explains why the opening rate on emails is so low in 2019.

The Direct Marketing Association defines EDM as – ‘a strategic process of building and refining a centralized marketing database to communicate directly to subscribers using any form of electronic messaging in a targeted and personalized manner.

The strengths of EDM include:
  • It can be inexpensive given the low cost of emailing
  • It can involve interactive technology
  • It offers access to excellent data to fine-tune
The limitations of EDM include:
  • Opening rates are low
  • Quality lists are hard to come by
  • Legal restrictions
Maximising the effectiveness of EDM involves, among other things:
  • Personalising and customising mailers
  • Leveraging technology to maximise interactivity
  • Taking demographics into account before using
Electronic direct mail or email is easy to do, but much more difficult to do well. Most businesses use email poorly and, as a result, get a very poor response rate. Get advice on how to do it well and the results can be outstanding. It is also essential to monitor and fine-tune your strategy closely.

RECOMMENDATIONS – Ensure you have high-quality lists, permission to send the email, and content that is engaging and interactive. Fully leverage the technologies (including video) and tracking data available.

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