Now let me start with a confession. I do not believe in God and see no reason to believe that jesus Christ ever existed.
I am not saying that there is no God or that Jesus did not walk the earth, I am simply saying that after reading the bible and many religious books, after talking with hundreds of priests and holy people, having debated and heard just about every argument in favour of the existence of God and Jesus, I have not seen once skerrick of evidence to support the Christian view. NOT ONE. And I have looked as hard as I can.
What I do however see evidence of are two things:
1. The merits of core Christian teachings
2. The excuses Christians offer for not following these teaching
Like many religions before it and most of the non-religious philosophies before Christianity was even thought of, Christianity advocates among other things:
– Thou shall not steal
– Thou shall not kill
Both of these ‘laws’ make a lot of sense. Society just does not function well if we go around stealing and/or killing people.
I strongly recommend both.
Mind you, there are plenty of Christians out there not paying for parking, evading tax, advocating the death penalty and claiming that one side or the other is right in a lethal conflict. What is more almost all of them have a rationale for their behaviour – despite the fact that the bible list none.
In his summation of the 10 commandments, Jesus was said to have said – ‘and the second is like un to this – love your neighbour as yourself’.
Despite the fact that I don’t believe the man existed at all, I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment of this passage. The world would be a better place if we showed others the love we all crave.
Of course, this is tough when it comes to refugees. Tony Abbott a committee Christian show no love for refugees, a feature he shares with the 74% of Australians who support his policies.
Of course loving ones neighbour is also difficult if you are George Pell or the Pope. Not only have they not taken action against priests that have destroyed innocent lives, but they have both actively stood in the way of restitution.
I believe that we would all be well served living according to the teachings that are attributed to Jesus Christ in the New Testament. There were some very sound philosophies articulated
The big problem for me is that not only do most Christians not live by these teaching, most don’t even seem to make an effort. It is generally not hard. They instead tend to live as they wish, make excuses for not living as Christ said they should and then asked for forgiveness on a Sunday.
They are at best duplicitous and at worst down right hypocritical. The latter description I reserve for the evangelists who sell religion or hold a sign above their head.
Why don’t we all live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ? If we did, there would be no need to discuss whether he or God exist or not.
Just A Thought

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