have just one marketing strategy and one marketing team

32% of businesses are trying to integrate digital and traditional marketing

This is the second of 20 daily ‘thoughts’ examining the trends in marketing in 2018 and beyond.A recent survey asked marketing managers about the importance of, and the priority given to, developing and implementing an integrated marketing strategy. The top line findings were:
  • Trying to integrate traditional and digital marketing – 32%
  • The integration of traditional and digital marketing is low – 22%
  • Digital and traditional marketing are fully integrated – 14%
  • There is no integration of digital and traditional marketing – 12%
  • Optimising a fully integrated strategy – 6%
  • Not applicable – 6%

These numbers suggest a growing trend towards the integration of traditional and digital marketing with one-third of businesses in the process of integration. They also suggest, however, that very few businesses have achieved full integration (20%) and that some 34% have low or no integration.

These findings are entirely consistent with my experience. Many businesses I come across have separate digital and traditional marketing strategies. Many engage separate digital and traditional marketing consultants – and in most cases, there is very limited communication between the two groups. Worst of all, a number of businesses still have separate digital and traditional marketing teams.

This reflects a less than optimal view, not just of communication, but of marketing as a whole. The suggestion that digital and traditional strategies, consultancies or teams can operate independently is absurd – not to mention inefficient, expensive, and clumsy.

All marketing activities should be focused on the same objectives. Efficiency will be maximised when all elements are fully integrated.


A business and, indeed, any organisation should have just one marketing strategy. Further, most organisations should have only one marketing team – although that team may well comprise people with a wide cross-section of specialist expertise. Most importantly, there should be just one marketing person responsible for developing the marketing strategy and accountable for the results it delivers.
Fortunately, this seems to be the position some businesses are moving towards. Sadly, few have achieved it.

Develop one fully integrated marketing strategy and have just one person responsible for its development and accountable for the outcomes.


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