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I watched a quarter of AFL football on Saturday afternoon. Not a common occurrence for me, but I was down on the farm, I was tired and it was raining.

Congratulations to the Bulldogs by the way.

During the course of my viewing I saw three of four commercials for a business called – West Coast Leasing and Finance, about whom I know nothing. They promoted three benefits in their commercials:

  • Unlike the banks we WANT to talk to you
  • Your PARTNERS in prosperity
  • 90 years in business

This brought me to ask three questions:

  • Who cares if they WANT to talk to me? All I care about is – WILL THEY GIVE ME THE LOAN I WANT AT THE RATE I WANT?
  • Who wants a partner? All I care about is – WILL THEY GET ME THE LOAN I WANT AT THE RATE I WANT?
  • Who cares about how long they have been in this business? All I care about is – WILL THEY GET ME THE LOAN I WANT AT THE RATE I WANT?

I also found myself asking:

  • Is it sound to promote three messages in one commercial?
  • Would the user of a lender of last resort care about anything other than getting the loan and the rate?
  • How are they different from or better than the three other lenders promoted on that channel that day?

Finally I found myself asking:

  • Why do they not get to the point and promote a competitive advantage?
  • Are they just advertising because the media is cheap and their market likes AFL?
  • Do they really think that this bland commercial will lodge in the audiences mind?

Just being on television is not enough. Buying cheap media (as it is in the country) is not enough. It is surely essential to craft the content of the commercial such that it maximises the return on investment.

So much advertising on country television is crap. It seems that there are a lot of people who think that just being there and buying cheap country media is enough.

I don’t make commercials and nor do I write them, but years in the business have made me acutely aware of where advertisers are not maximising their return on investment.

In addition to all of this – in the voice over the referred to the business as WEST COAST LEASING, while on the screen it was referred to as WEST COAST FINANCE AND LEASING.

This is not what I would call great branding.

I would also need to be convinced that the similarity of the name to the local football team will bring any benefits – although I would not know if it was meant to. Suffice to say here, I have always found such links produce benefits that are tenuous at best.


  1. Commercials work better when there is a single message.
  2. Commercials work better when the message is relevant and easy to work out.
  3. Commercials work better and the cost of advertising can be reduced when there is a clear and relevant strategic competitive advantage.

What do you think?

Am I being too hard on this business?

Is it just all about awareness?

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