3 success strategies

The conventional wisdom is that this saying should read – if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

But I have never liked conventional wisdom.  It is inevitable involves socialisation and in invariably based on common sense – neither of which I have any time for.

In my mind the saying in question should be modified to – if first you don’t succeed, find out why and then develop a sane strategy to move forward.

I would argue that this should involve:

  • Understanding and accepting your weaknesses
  • Understanding and building on your strengths
  • Developing a sane strategy for moving forward

History suggests that there are few significant weaknesses that can be readily addressed by most human beings. In business you are far better off understanding your weaknesses and then employing people who have strengths in that area.

History suggests that the most successful people on this planet are those who clearly understand their strengths and actively leverage them. While it is very difficult to eliminate weaknesses it is much easier and more efficient to build on strengths.

The strategy should then involve identifying who will plug the weaknesses and how – while determining how you will best leverage your strengths.

To articulate another quote – it is a fool who does the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. Trying to eliminate your weaknesses so often falls into this category. Building on your strengths is so much more constructive.

The trick of course is to know what your strengths are and to assess them objectively. This in turn should involve:

  • Testing them
  • Getting an outside view
  • Being as authentic

Finally I would argue strongly – do not persist for too long. Do it now!

You will be glad you did!

Which of your big weaknesses have you successfully eliminated?

Which of your strengths should you be leveraging?

How does your strategy play to your strengths?


  1. Don’t waste time on your major weaknesses.
  2. Understand and build on your strengths
  3. Develop a strategy that leverages your strengths
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