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Despite all of the hype about the use of mobile technology in online shopping, the majority of online shopping still involves a desk top computer or laptop. But, this is changing and changing fast.

In 2010 about 2% of online purchases were made on a mobile device. By 2011 it had doubled to 4% (from an admittedly low base). By 2015 some 15% of online shopping was on a mobile device and by 2018 it is estimated that 30% of online shopping will be facilitated by a mobile device.

In a recent international survey some 52% of respondents said that they preferred a tablet over a laptop for mobile shopping.

As an aside, Apple dominated the mobile devise usage for online shopping. Research suggests that more than 50% of online shopping on a mobile device is on an Apple smart phone or tablet. Samsung sits at around 30%.

Perhaps most interesting in relation to the types of devices being used is the:

  • Types of products and services being purchased via a mobile
  • Demographic profile of mobile devise users.

As it turns out mobile devices are most often used for banking type transactions, followed by paying bills, with the purchase of goods and services last. I should be noted however that this too is changing as mobile devices are used more and more in both online and offline shopping.

Research suggests that men (57%) are more likely to use a mobile device to shop than a woman (43%). People aged 35 – 49 are more likely (40%) to use a mobile device than any other age group. It seems that the use of mobile devices is not a ‘youth phenomenon’ as many have suggested. Only 22% of people aged 18 – 24 are reported to use mobile devices for shopping – despite completing more shopping online that older groups.


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