3 needs and 3 suggestions

Hugh Mackay notes, in his book WHAT MAKES US TICK, that the need to feel useful is a key driver of human behaviour. We all want to feel:

  • We are making a contribution
  • We are being helpful
  • We are making a difference

I would argue that this is true and that needing to feel useful explains a great deal of human behaviour including the need:

  • For work to be meaningful
  • To help others achieve their goals
  • To improve the world

I would also argue that this need has real implications for corporate social responsibility strategies are developed and implemented.  This need to feel useful:

  • Suggests that there is real potential in CSR
  • Suggests a benefit in linking corporate contributions to customer actions
  • Suggests that an active participation of customers in the CSR activity may be beneficial

I would further argue that the need to feel useful can be more fully leveraged in other facets of business including:

  • Getting superior performances out of staff by demonstrating how useful their role is
  • Achieving engagement with the brand by showing staff how critical their behaviour is
  • Supplementing rewards with a better understanding of the staff members contribution

It is so important to understand the drivers of human behaviour and to understand that feeling useful is one of those drivers. So:

  • Understand the drivers of human behaviour
  • Recognise the importance of feeling useful
  • Make sure you feel useful yourself – you happiness depends on it

What say you?

Do you feel useful?

Do those around you feel useful?

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